6-Year-Old Kid Admits She’s a ‘Freeloader’ in Hilarious Homework Note

i am a freeloaderHave you got a smart-mouthed kid? Ever catch your son or daughter making jokes on their homework? Well you'll love this kid. On a school worksheet that prompts: "I earn my money at home by ___" a child named Frankie replies, "I don't. I am a freeloader." Oh Frankie! Telling it like it is. That sounds just like my kid, actually. He's a freeloader, too. And he's also kind of a smart mouth.

The Reddit user who posted this note online admits Frankie may have learned that word from his parents -- and that "knowing her parents, it was definitely out of humor." Still, Frankie has a point. Aren't all kids total freeloaders, really?


Who else would you house, clothe, feed, clean, counsel, repair, soothe, and educate all for nothing? Even if your kids do chores, we all know who does most of the work around the house. And we definitely know who earns all the money.

But could you ever possibly find a more lovable freeloader than your own kid? Oh we may complain all the time, but honestly. Having that little freeloader in my home who's constantly sponging off every little resource I have to offer makes me immeasurably happy. The kind of happy that doesn't make sense on a balance sheet. Because what I get back from all that freeloading is unconditional love and the joy of watching someone grow up from a tiny, helpless baby into a strong, independent, fascinating little boy.

So here's to our little freeloaders. We hope they're not still living off our generosity when they grow up! But for now, this is what we signed up for -- and I for one love it.

Have you ever called your kid a freeloader?


Image via allenme213/Reddit

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