Dads' Modern Twist on Making a Baby Book Is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

dad and twins

Have you been good about updating a baby book since your little one arrived? You know, either a scrapbook with a bunch of photos and keepsakes in it, or one of those store bought books where you can record all of your baby's milestones?

Creating something to commemorate the important moments in our children's lives is definitely essential -- and one couple went one step further to make sure they'd never forget meeting their precious babies for the first time.

Dads Matt and Josh made a video of their adoption journey -- and managed to capture the first time they saw their twins on film.

Did I mention they flew across the globe to India to meet their children?


Take a look at their video -- and be prepared to feel your heart warm up a degree or two and have your eyes fill with tears.

Um, is this the best thing you've seen all day or is this the best thing you've seen all day? (Scratch that -- all month. Or even all year.)

That moment where he looked at the twins and said, "Your daddies are finally here" -- I totally lost it. What a pure, wonderful, beautiful moment to not only capture on video, but to share with the world and allow us to experience their joy at becoming parents.

Oftentimes this sort of thing is filmed in the labor and delivery room, but it's a moment adoptive parents don't necessarily have the pleasure of viewing over and over again. By making this video, Matt and Josh will be able to show their kids just how much they went through to welcome them into their family -- and they'll understand it all so much better than if they only had photos alone to look at.

Regardless of how you become a parent, taking a time to make a video-style baby book is such an amazing idea, and I only wish I'd thought of something like this when I had my son. Sure, I have vivid memories of driving to the hospital, being hooked up to the monitors, going through labor and delivery, and seeing him for the very first time -- but it's something I'll never truly be able to share with him as he gets older.

But maybe by sharing Matt and Josh's story, other parents will think to do something similar and get a little more creative when it comes to putting together a baby book. And based on how well they did telling the story of meeting their twins, we can only imagine just how incredible their birthday videos are going to be from here on out.

Have you captured a lot of your baby's first moments on video?


Image via newdadsontheblock/YouTube

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