6 Things I Judge Other Parents For

babyThis may come as a shock to you, but parents actually judge. I know, it's terrible. If you've ever set foot into the wild world of parenting blogs, or, um, been around a person with children, you know this is true. Is it right? Of course not! But it's just the way it is.

I try not be a judgy mom, really I do. But sometimes, things just happen. I'm not proud of it. But I am going to own it. Here are 6 things I judge other parents for.


1. You hit your kids. I know there are some people out there who still believe in spanking, but to me, it just seems wrong. Especially if the kid is little. That doesn't seem like a very fair match, or a great way to teach right from wrong.

2. You're extreeeeeme anything, and you try to instill your views on me. If breastfeeding your baby until he's 10 works for you, great. If crying it out is how you chose to get your kid to sleep through the night, awesome. But what works for you doesn't necessarily work for me. One thing I don't do is tell other parents what techniques they should use on their children. I expect the same respect from others.

3. You leave a restaurant an absolute mess. Look. Most of us have worked in restaurants before. It sucks to have to clean up after kids. Do the staff a solid and pick up napkins and grab the food that's all over the floor and on the seats. (Or at least leave an awesome tip!)

4. You smoke in your baby's face. I've never been a smoker, so I don't know what it's like to be addicted. From what I hear, it's pretty hard to quit. But if you absolutely can't quit smoking before becoming a parent, at the very least, don't do it around your child. It's truly not fair to them.

5. You turn parenting into a competition. If I tell you my kid just crawled, no need to jump down my throat and quip: "My kid walked earlier!" As parents, we all think our kids are the greatest and cutest, etc. Just as I'm happy for others when they tell me about their kid's milestones, at least give me a nanosecond to brag!

6. You don't tell me your kid is sick, and you let our kids play! I think most parents know this one isn't cool. I mean, come on, people. A sick baby is no fun for anyone. Common courtesy.

Do you ever judge? Okay, now go on, judge me!

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