Soldier Surprises 9-Year-Old Who's Waited Nearly 2 Years to See Him in Unexpected Place (VIDEO)

soldier dad surprises daughterWho doesn't love a military homecoming video? Grinches? Well, even their hearts will grow a few sizes once they catch what a soldier dad returning from Afghanistan did to surprise his 9-year-old daughter at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game the other day.

Lt. Col. Will Adams knew his daughter deserved a little something special after putting up with life without Daddy for nearly two years. So he arranged for Alayna to throw out the first pitch at the Major League Baseball game. And then he put on a uniform ... but not the one he wore to fight insurgents in Afghanistan. Just watch:


Ohhhh. Her face! That's a girl who loves her daddy!

I've been trying to figure out why I can't stop watching this video, and it finally hit me. Here's a dad who gets what his kid has been through.

Yes, the homecoming is a big moment for him; he's spent nearly two years far away from home in the middle of a warzone. But his third grader has put in her time too. She's missed bedtime with Daddy tucking her in, and walking across the street with Dad's hand to hold. And while the soldier's sacrifice deserves to be celebrated and marked, so does the child's.

But it takes a really good Dad to remember that!

Why are YOU obsessed with this video?


Image via Tampa Bay Times

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