'The Baby Bachelor' Is Jimmy Kimmel's Most Adorable Kid Clip Yet (VIDEO)

The Baby BachelorSome people give Jimmy Kimmel a hard time for routinely asking parents to pull mean pranks on their kids in the name of quality television entertainment. Personally, I can't get enough of those awesomely cruel videos of children weeping over their terrible Christmas presents or reacting to the upsetting news that their parents ate all their Halloween candy, but if you prefer your Kimmel Kid Programming to be a little more on the awwwww side, may I recommend The Baby Bachelor.

In the clip, Kimmel pokes fun at ABC's The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise with a little help from his adorable nephew Wesley. Wesley is single, lives with his parents, and he's looking for love ... while perched in a stroller and dressed in a pint-sized tux. This video is so freaking cute you just might forgive Kimmel for his kid-pranking ways (although in true Kimmel form, at least one child does a bang-up job of crying on cue for the camera).


Wesley must choose between a bevy of lovely young -- very young -- ladies, including 35-month-old Jesse, a "stay-at-home daughter" looking for "a sugar daddy." Ashley, the dental hygienist, looks like the winner when Wesley reveals that he'd "like to get the big girl." But surely it must be anybody's game at this point? I mean, Eva the fingerpainter has quite the alluring handshake, going for the surprise left hand approach and all.

Here's the video:

Poor Stella, the "handful" who appears at 0:45 and can't stop wailing. But how adorable is Wesley for trying to make her feel better?

Seriously, this whole thing is beyond awesome. Part two of The Baby Bachelor is apparently coming next week and I can't wait to see it. Will you please accept Wesley's rose dinosaur?

What did you think of The Baby Bachelor?

Image via YouTube

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