Hiring a Wet Nurse to Breastfeed Baby Is Too Bizarre for Me

nursingSo, apparently wet nurses are on the rise. For those of you unaware of what a wet nurse does, here's a quick job description: They're a person who breastfeeds your baby. Obviously, wet nurses, like anything related to breastfeeding and parenting, are controversial. And every person, depending on their experiences, varies on how they feel about them. But as for me? I could never do it.


Some women, sadly, have trouble nursing. I know this. And these moms want to give their sweet babes the absolute best nutrition. They don't want to resort to the "dreaded" formula. But, I don't know, I would just find it strange and uncomfortable, seeing my own child suckling at another woman's breast. Pumped breast milk is one thing, I suppose. But full-on nursing? That's just too weird for me.

I certainly don't think that moms who breastfeed have any stronger of a bond over moms who don't -- all mothers have strong bonds with their children. I feel just as strong a bond with my daughter giving her a bottle now as I did when I was nursing. But when you're nursing -- and nursing only -- you're both a source of food and comfort to the child. There would likely be many times in which your child would prefer to another person to you. It would feel a bit odd to witness something like that after being pregnant for nine months and giving birth.

Every parent wants what's best for the child. Of course. And some moms simply cannot bear to not give their child breast milk -- I totally respect that. But wouldn't it make a little more sense to simply have pumped breast milk out of a bottle for the baby instead of hiring someone to do the actual nursing for you? If we've heard it once, we've heard it a thousand times: Babies don't care where they get their food from. They just want to eat.

Would you ever hire a wet nurse?


Image via Mothering Touch/Flickr

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