5 Strange Things Moms Can Only Do in Front of Their Babies

babySnooki posted an adorable picture of herself and sweet baby Lorenzo recently. In it, they both look cute as can be -- Lorenzo, with his slick, little hairdo, and Snooki, no makeup.

It got me thinking: I never wear makeup when it's just my daughter and me, but when I go into the office or meet up with friends, I always put some on. I'm not saying I wouldn't leave the house sans makeup, but I never think to put it on when I'm with my baby. She loves me regardless of what I do or how I look.

And you know what? That's one of the many reasons babies are awesome. You can do things in front of them you wouldn't dream of doing in public. Here are 5 things you can only do in front of your baby.


1. Go to the bathroom. Not to get graphic here, but when your baby's super young, you can do whatever you please on the toilet in front of them. They don't mind. And hey, considering you change their poopy diapers day in, day out, they shouldn't!

2. Walk around naked. Trying on clothes is a breeze when you're with your babe. No need to feel like you have to cover up ... anything.

3. Cry. Sometimes, a baby is the most perfect person to cry around. No judging. No freaking out. No trying to fix things. They're just ... there. And that's the best comfort of all.

4. Eat gross, random crap. You probably wouldn't order a slice of cheese, a few spoonfuls of hummus, a tomato, and a handful of Puffs if you were out at a restaurant. But when it's just you and baby, sometimes, that's all you've got!

5. Be your absolute, unabashed self. When it's just you and your baby, there are no airs you have to put on. No facades. If you're sad, you can be sad. If you feel silly, you can be silly. If you want to tell them your deepest and darkest secrets, you can do that, too. Your baby loves you because you're you, and there's nothing better than that.

What things do you do in front of your baby that you wouldn't in front of others?


Image via Slapix/Flickr

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