7 Free Things People Give My Kids That I HATE (PHOTOS)

little girlDoes it seem like everywhere you go these days, people want to give your kids something? From the bank to the grocery store, it seems someone is handing my kids something every time I turn around.

Oh, I know it's all well-intended, and much better than them being rude to my kids or even banning them altogether, it's just that ... I HATE all of this crap. It winds up left in my minivan, washed through my washer, or piled up somewhere in their bedrooms long after those first fleeting seconds of joy it brought.

I don't mean to be ungrateful. And yes, I could just decline their kindness, but that's easier said than done when the offer is made right in front of a toddler. Here are seven of the frequent freebies we get and why they irritate me so.


What free things do people give your kids?


Image via Boudewijin Berends/Flickr

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