5 Ways Your Teen's Prom Will Be Nothing Like Your Lame One

prom inviteThese kids today and their crazy, uh, promposals. Yes, that's a combination of the words "prom" and "proposal," and it's the latest teen trend: Going to extreme and elaborate measures to ask someone to the prom. Like the high school guys in this viral video, who staged a super funny (if mildly disturbing) childbirth skit which ends with the "newborn" dude going straight to the object of affection and "promposing."

It's all very creative and sweet and entertaining, which is to say NOTHING like the typically underwhelming invitations extended in my day: Some guy mumbling "So if you're not going with anybody I guess we might as well go together" while you pull your books out of your locker or that other guy passing you a note in science class reading, simply, "Yo. Prom?"


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Sheesh. Proms sure done gone and got fancy since we was young'uns. And I'm not just talking about promposals. Here are 5 more ways your teen's prom will be nothing like your lame one:

You rented a limo with your two best friends (everybody chipped in $50!) and felt all kinds of glamorous.

Your kid rents a blinged-out "party bus" with 20 other people that looks suspiciously like Poison's tour bus from 1986.

You got a key chain printed with that year's theme song ("Heaven" by Bryan Adams) for prom favors.

Your kid gets a swag bag filled with a champagne flute, glittery picture frame, sunglasses, bubbles, a necklace and individually wrapped mints printed with this year's theme song ("Pants on the Ground" by That Guy Who Sings "Pants on the Ground").

You had a strapless prom dress.

Your kid has a middle-less prom dress.

You had the same DJ who played at your Grandma's 80th birthday party as prom entertainment.

Your kid has pole dancers, a 3D laser light show and fog machines.

You went to an after-prom party in some kid's basement whose parents were out of town.

Your kid goes to an after-prom party in a hotel penthouse.

Sigh. Just wait til you get a load of this promposal business:

Fancy, huh?

What made your prom lame?
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