7 Things It's Okay to Steal From Your Kids (PHOTOS)

piggy bankIn a shocking new study, a dirty little secret of many parents is revealed -- they're thieves. According to CouponCodes4u, almost half of parents say they've taken money from their children's savings accounts. Even worse -- 51 percent say they don't feel guilty about it.

Now, I've been known to take a few dollars from my kids' piggy banks here and there in a crisis (hello, Tooth Fairy nights!), as I never have cash on hand, but I always pay them back ... at least when I remember. But going into an actual savings account and withdrawing their money to pay my bills or something, that I would never do.

There are, however,  plenty of other things I do shamelessly steal from kids and make no apologies for. Here are seven of them.

What things do you steal from your kids?


Image via StockMonkeys.com/Flickr

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