Daughter's Reaction to News That Mom Is Having Twins Will Wow You (VIDEO)

girls When kids are old enough to understand what a sibling is, they usually fall into one of two camps when learning that they're getting a new one -- adamantly excited or horrified. When it comes to the girls in this adorable video, however, their reactions are as surprising as they are different when they learn they're getting twins.

In it we see the parents present their daughters with a cake. It reads, "We are having twins." When the older girl reads it out loud her reaction is just ... well, see for yourself.


At first it appears that she's incredibly upset, but then you realize she's just happy -- SO happy. The younger girl seems a little bit confused, especially when she says, "Can I eat one?" after her mom tells her there are two babies in her tummy. I think she mean a piece of the cake, but ... who knows.

When it comes to how siblings are going to react, you just never know. When my mom was pregnant with my sister I was a teenager, and I was NOT happy about it. I thought they were sitting me down to finally tell me they'd relented and I could get the dog for which I'd been begging. So when they dropped the bomb that I was getting a baby brother or sister instead, I lost it. "I wanted a dog not a baby!!!!" ... was heard for miles.

The good news is that no matter how your kids react to the news of their sibling, they'll eventually get over the shock ... and move on to fighting with one another.

How have your kids reacted when you shared your pregnancy news with them?


Image via YouTube

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