Toddler Overcome by Need to Hop While Hunting a Frog (VIDEO)

boy with frogThere was no hope of escaping for the frog in the following video. This toddler is so determined to catch that little croaker that he'll do anything to get it -- including acting just like his prey.

You see him follow the frog for a few seconds, then all of a sudden, the toddler starts hopping ... just like the frog. He doesn't think about it; he's just so absorbed in the hunt that he's overtaken by hopping as those watching him have a hard time suppressing their laughter.


And he gets the frog! Maybe there's something to his method that other hunters should think about emulating.

It's also amazing how he has absolutely no fear of that frog. He just scoops it up like it's a play thing. We live in Florida, and my kids love to catch the lizards ... or at least pretend like they're trying to do so in the case of my daughter. I think she'd freak out if she actually ever caught one.

In any case, this frog-hunting kid is beyond adorable, especially his big "Ribbit!" Hopefully, the frog fared alright in the end.

Do your kids catch any kind of animals?


Image via YouTube

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