Toddler Stuck on Potty Will Have You Peeing With Laughter (VIDEO)

toddler toiletPotty training, from what I hear, isn't a walk in the park for everyone. Some kids get the whole peeing and pooping in a toilet thing in a weekend, others not so much. And yet others get stuck in the toilet. Yes, like, literally stuck.

What's a parent to do when their adorable little boy gets his little butt stuck in the bowl? Why, after giggling and before helping him, they film it of course! Check out this hysterical clip of a toddler who's stuck in the potty. This kind of cute should be illegal!


Before I had a kid I used to think to myself: Why would a parent stop and film their child when they're mid-tantrum or crying over something? But now I know: Because they tantrum and cry all the time! This mom didn't film her son and taunt him for five minutes -- it was 20 seconds. And it was hilarious! She obviously helped him right away -- and how could she not capture this?! Her son was stuck on the toilet!

When my 1-year-old daughter was younger, I would have never stopped to photograph and/or video her crying. Seemed kind of cruel. But now that she's a bit bigger and I know what she can handle, I'll admit it: I might stop to film a tantrum or two. And if she got stuck in the toilet, there most likely would be some sort of documentation that it happened. Otherwise, what would I show at her wedding?

(Just kidding, doll.)

Do you ever film your kid having a tantrum?


Image via Toddle Tale/YouTube

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