7-Month-Old Boy Learns to Waterski -- For Real! (VIDEO)

baby waterskiAt first, I almost thought this video of a 7-month-old baby on waterskis was fake. In fact, I kind of wanted it to be fake. Because, yikes! Why is that 7-month-old baby on waterskis?! Can this really be a good idea? Sure, he's got that little handle thing to hold on to, but egads, what if he should decide to let go?! I wouldn't even consider letting my kids ride in those little seats that go on the back of adult bicycles when they were babies, let alone waterskis.

On the other hand, though ... how many people get to grow up and say, "Yeah, I knew how to waterski before I learned how to walk. What, don't all babies do that?" (Shrugging dismissively like, Who, me? A badass? Naaaw.) Which makes me wonder: Did I rob my kids of experiences like this one by being a big old scaredy-cat?


I mean, I have to admit, this baby (whose name is Ryder) seems to be having a pretty good time. Except for one part where he starts blinking kind of a lot because he's getting splashed in the face with water. In any case, whether he's inordinately chill or oddly stoic for his age, he's definitely not UNhappy on waterskis. And if he can pull this off at 7 months, imagine what he'll be doing at 2 or 3 years old! Seriously, this will blow you away:

Yup. Wild stuff!

Would you let your 7-month-old baby learn to waterski?

Image via tamara blair/YouTube

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