The 1 Thing Belonging to Their Babies Moms Refuse to Give Away

newbornSigh. Even though it comes with sleepless nights, feeling overwhelmed a majority of the time, and a whole host of other challenges -- there's nothing quite like the baby phase.

Those precious moments during the first year of our little ones' lives are something we can never get back, so of course, we want to do our best to always remember them. And that's why even though I finally parted ways with tons of baby clothes, strollers, toys, and other gear -- there's one thing from when my son was a newborn that I absolutely refuse to give up under any circumstances.

The tiny little striped hat he wore home from the hospital.


Even though he's 7 years old now, I still have it tucked away in my sock drawer (you'd think I could come up with a better place to store it), and I pull it out from time to time to ooh and ahh over how small and adorable it is. (And then I do my best not to break down and cry, though sometimes I just can't stop the waterworks from flowing.)

I will never get rid of that hat. EVER.

And plenty of other moms have certain keepsakes they refuse to part with as well. Here are some of the trinkets they admit still hanging onto.

"Her first pair of Winnie the Pooh overalls ... The t-shirt my parents picked up for her in Germany, it says princess in German. And her first Yankees jersey, bright pink with A-Rod's 13 on the back." -- Jeanne, The Stir

"The hat for sure, but also the (hospital) bracelets (mine and hers!)." -- Lara, Art by Lara

"Two outfits my parents bought for my daughter at a boutique in Paris. They are too beautiful to get rid of even though she outgrew them a long time ago." -- Sasha, The Stir

"My son's favorite blankie! I don't think I will ever be able to part with it!" -- Whitney

"Her christening dress ... I made it from the train of my wedding dress and my son's outfit with more left over from it as well." -- Dawn

"I have my son's first gown, hat, and receiving blanket that he was handed to me in. I also still have the first bottle I fed him, my, his, and his daddy's hospital bracelets, and the outfit he wore home from the hospital." -- Crystal

"The little ducky baby blanket that each one of my three girls used. I'll probably keep that thing and give it to my first grandchild!" -- Hanan, Lilac City Momma

"Definitely they each have a blanket that was theirs that will be put into a memory box. And my second son has an itty bitty cloth diaper that I will never get rid of!" -- Julie, A Year With Mom and Dad

"My son's receiving blanket, his favorite blanket, and booties." -- @marthaann61

"Their hospital hats, going home outfit and hospital blankie." -- @OneCalicoSky

"First outfit, favorite stuffed animal, and it's really hard to get rid of crocheted blankets because of all hours I spent making them!" -- @hfrollins

"Their special, favorite stuffed animal friend that went EVERYWHERE with them." -- @DanaLPadilla

"My son is 24 and I still have his baby blanket on my bed." -- @Katdhairstudio

"Their coming home outfit and a handmade blanket they were each given." -- @MmommyMusings

"The outfit she came home from the hospital in. Lent out her old clothes, but couldn't part with that one!" -- @jillp118

"Each has a bin full of keepsakes ... unused newborn diapers, binkies, and hospital garb." -- @CieHosmer

Do you have a certain baby keepsake you will never give up?


Image via Mary Fischer

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