40 Quotes Celebrating Motherhood From Famous Moms Who Get It

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Mother's Day is one of those days that moms both look forward to and dread a little. There's always so much to be done in order to prepare for the occasion that it usually takes a little of the luster out of the entire thing. Over time, it's easy to get disillusioned about Mother's Day, but nothing quite breaks that disillusionment like a few really inspiring quotes, especially when they come from celebrities and inspiring moms we really look up to.   


This list features 40 of our favorite Mother's Day quotes from some of our favorite moms. Instead of being mindless, generally happy words that everyone sees on the inside of expensive cards, these quotes are powerful, inspiring, funny, real, and just about everything in between. There are no false platitudes, but there are plenty of gems that can be tucked away and saved for the time they're needed most. 

So here we go: 40 different moms, 40 different quotes, and 40 different feelings they bring out in us. Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, even Madeleine Albright, the women quoted here have different careers, different mothering styles, and different outlooks on life. But the one thing they all have in common is their ability to move us with their words and make us feel strong and supported as moms. 

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