Super Smart Baby Girl Will Probably Save Your Life Some Day (VIDEO)

baby cprI don't know about you, I've gone through the CPR certification process a couple of times and I didn't exactly find it ... an easy thing to learn. It's not THAT complicated, but the pressure is so intense: You mean somebody's life could depend on me remembering how many chest compressions in betwen breaths? And how many seconds is the breath supposed to last? Tilt the head and pinch the nose ... or is it tilt the nose and pinch the cheeks? No that doesn't make any sense ...

Anyway, you get the picture. Learning how to save a life is not child's play, people. Except in the case of this exceptionally precocious and ridiculously cute baby.


I'm guessing this little girl tagged along to mom and dad's CPR class, where she must have been watching the instructor very, very closely. Because check this out -- she can't even WALK yet, but she crawls right over that dummy (those dummies always creeped me out) and goes for it:

Wow. I'm just blown away by this kid, who clearly has quite a future in medicine. At the very least her parents must feel much with this little peanut around the house.

Are you impressed by this baby's CPR skills?


Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

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