Toddler Bravely Fights Sleep So He Can Eat Chicken Nugget -- Will He Win?!? (VIDEO)

sleep or chicken nuggetSleep or eat? Eat or sleep? What a cruel world we live in that we cannot do both at the same time. But that doesn't stop people from trying. Like 3-year-old Zach here, waging an epic battle against sleep so he can keep eating his chicken nuggets. On a flight from Cancun to Baltimore, he bravely fights the good fight against naptime in the name of breaded chicken. If you've ever watched your kids fight sleep, you'll appreciate how freakin' adorable and funny this is.


Oh man, so close! Our hero lands that last nugget into his mouth only to succumb to sleep in the end. And then ... the nugget DROPS! Fortunately he is unconscious and cannot witness his ignominious defeat. Don't worry, Zach. There will be many, many, many more chicken nuggets in your future.

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Have you ever watched your kids fall asleep while they're trying to eat?


Image via kharchenkog/YouTube

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