9 Embarrassing Family Secrets Kids Reveal at School

If you take a car ride with either of my daughters you will certainly know my life story by the end of it and probably my mother's and grandmother's as well. I've got two over-sharers and while it can be charming it can also be awkward. Especially when things I'd rather not broadcast end up illuminated in art projects or included in their classroom journals.

I recently spotted a journal entry illustrating the "castle" we live in (not true), the time I took them on a late-night ice cream run in their pajamas (OK, once) and a rendering of the four of us sleeping in the same bed like a pile of monkeys. If only I could have added a footnote: "Actually, this rarely happens because if both girls come in our room in the middle of the night, I'll head back into one of their beds. Best sleep ever!"

From an entirely informal survey of parents' in the same boat, here are the 9 topics of revelation that sting the most.

  1. Evidence of Affluence (real or imagined). Drawings of large country houses with pools, hot tubs, huge backyards, tennis courts, Ferraris and helipads.
  2. Broken promises (real or imagined). Pets you'd said you'd get, toys you'd said you'd buy, that little brother they're still waiting for.
  3. Gross habits of dad. Smelly socks. Snoring.
  4. Ever-present Electronics. There's nothing like a family portrait where everyone's either slumped in front of a TV, playing Wii, holding a iPad or all of the above. 
  5. Family routines (real or imagined). When a friend's daughter was asked to draw what they do on weekends she had dad cooking and mom napping. 
  6. Any kind of booze. Wine. Beer. But usually wine.
  7. Family dynamics. When describing her family a friend's kid wrote that she was more like her dad but her sister "has a bad temper like mommy."
  8. Big Birthdays. Sometimes you were hoping to keep certain milestones under the radar.
  9. Dark thoughts on siblings. Sharing a room. Toys that got mysteriously destroyed. Flat out jealousy. It may seem peachy on the surface but when kids reveal their true feelings, it can get ugly.

Has your kid ever revealed something you wish they hadn't at school?

Image via Moominmolly/Flickr

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