8 Things My Parents Let Me Do When I Was a Kid That My Kids Will NEVER Do

kid on bikeIt's a different world, I'll tell ya. With Facegram and Instabook and daily stories of horror and terror, it's hard to feel safe these days. Just like how our parents told us when we were younger, I'll tell my child eventually: It just felt safer when we were kids. That's why, according to my daughter at least, my parents were way cooler than I'll ever be as a parent. Here are 8 things my parents let me do when I was younger that my kids will never do. Sorry, little one. Them's the breaks. 


1. Go away on a spring break trip to Mexico while still in high school -- without a cellphone. My parents were cool when I was younger, but even my dad looks back on this one now kind of confused. Did they really allow me to do this? And did my three friends' parents really allow them, also? I didn't even talk to my parents every day! My kid isn't doing this when she's in high school with a cellphone. Wow, Mom and Dad.

2. Roam around in the neighborhood until dark. Again, the no cellphone thing. I wish I could let my child play out and about without me checking in until it was time for dinner, but nope. Not happening. Way too many horrifying stories of abduction out there.

3. Eat fast food. Okay, so I'm fully aware that this isn't a battle I'm always going to win, but we won't be stopping at the drive-through for fries, nuggets, and sodas after sports practices on a regular basis. Sorry!

4. Have a TV in their room. I think I was in eighth grade when I got my own television, and let me tell you: I never left my room after that. It was me, Brandon, Dylan, and Kelly Taylor all night long.

5. Have juice in my bottle or sippy cup. Details are kind of hazy on this one for me, but if I were a betting woman, I'd say I sucked down some apple juice in my toddler-hood day.

6. Trick-or-treat alone. They'll come a point when my child/children will be able to trick-or-treat alone (around 30), but until then, I'm going to be the creeper in the Scream mask behind them all night.

7. Not wear a seat belt. I definitely wore a seat belt when I was younger, but I don't recall any vehement safety checks going on before we pulled out of the driveway. My parents must have just assumed I always buckled up. But I'm pretty sure I didn't.

8. Not wear a helmet. I don't think the word "helmet" was ever brought up in my house growing up. I'm actually shocked I have the mental wherewithal to write this.

What did you do when you were younger that you won't let your children do?

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