20 Unique Ways of Displaying Photos of Your Kids

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In an age of taking photos on digital cameras and smartphones, the hardest part about photography is actually printing out the end results. The hundreds of photos that you take of your kids usually end up on a hard drive, never to see the light of day, which is such a shame! Photos of your little ones make fantastic decorations in the home, giving it character and making it feel cozy.


If you’ve finally gone through your collection of personal photos and had some printed, the next step is to work out how you’re going to display them in your home. Instead of just shoving a few photos in a frame and scattering them around the house, stop and think what you might be able to do that’s a little more creative. There are so many different, fun ways that photos can be presented in your home, from photo canvases to photo cushion covers!

To inspire you to get your favorite photos off your hard drive and on to your walls, here is a showcase of the top 20 unique ways you can display photos of your children around your home, brought to you by PrinterPix.

1. Photo canvases
Turn your favorite photos into works of art and have them printed onto canvases, for a modern touch to your home.

2. Photo montage
If you can’t decide on just one photo to display in your home, you can create a canvas to display a selection of your favorite photos in a montage style. You can make it personal and unique to you by adding as many photos as you like and laying them out as you wish.

3. Washing line display
This is perfect for displaying smaller images in your home. Attach a piece of string to the wall and simply peg your favourite printed photos to it, just like a washing line!

4. Wooden pallet
An old wooden pallet can easily be turned into a photo display unit, by simply removing a few boards from one side of it to create a shelf. As well as your photo prints, you can also display a few floral decorations and memorable trinkets to complete the rustic display.

5. Photo poster
It’s possible to turn your favorite image into a poster! These large-scale photo posters make great wall decorations for any room in your home.

6. Photos in a bottle
This very original idea is great for displaying photos. Simply find some plain glass bottles and insert the photo prints inside the bottles. They’ll look great lined up along a shelf or on a mantelpiece.

7. Photo wreath
A great way to display a large number of small images without taking up a lot of wall space is to attach lots of mini frames to a grapevine wreath.

8. Photo book
Create memory photo books to help capture and remember those important baby memories. Proudly displayed on your coffee table, this is a great way to keep all your cherished photos in one place, to look through whenever you feel like it.

9. Coat rack
A really simple photo display can be created using a coat rack. Use colorful ribbons and string in different lengths to create an eye-capturing look.

10. Photo cushion cover
Turn your photos into soft furnishings by printing your favorite photos onto cushions to adorn your sofa or armchair.

11. Window frame
For a vintage photo display, take an old window frame, and using clear photo corners, adhere your photo prints to the back side of the glass. 

12. Photo shelves
If you’d rather not make holes in your walls hanging numerous frames, photo shelves are a great solution. 

13. Photo calendar
Create a stunning photo calendar to showcase photos of your kids and family from the past year, so you can be reminded of these special moments all year round.

14. Photo mobile
Another perfect way to hang multiple photo prints together without using too much of your wall space up. Photo mobiles are easy to make yourself and easy to hang from the ceiling in any room in your home. 

15. Photo mouse mat
Create a customized mouse mat with one of your favorite photos to add a personal touch to your workspace, in the home, or in the office.

16. Photo mugs
You can even have your favorite photos printed onto ceramic mugs, so you can be reminded of a special moment whenever you have a cup of tea or coffee!  

17. Magnetic wall
Stick a giant sheet of metal to one wall in your home, creating a magnetic surface for sticking up all your favorite photos. Using magnets to stick the photos to the wall means they won’t get damaged and you can change the photos around with ease, whenever you feel like it.

18. Photo wooden blocks
A great alternative to a traditional framed print, you can have your much-loved photos printed onto a high quality wooden block for a funky and modern look for your home.

19. Reuse old items
Give your old, unwanted items a new lease of life and turn them into a photo display. For example, an old bicycle wheel is perfect for tacking your photos onto the hub or slipping them between the spokes.

20. Photo cases
Use one of your favorite photos to customize your phone case or tablet. As well as protecting your belongings from scratches, you’ll also be reminded of your most cherished people or moments whenever you use them.


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