8 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied While Running Errands This Spring

kids outsideLet's be honest. Running errands with kids, particularly toddlers, is no easy feat. Not only do you have to wrangle them and pack what feels like a suitcase full of toys, drinks, and treats before you leave the house, you have to wrangle them while you're out and trying to get stuff done. It can be pretty stressful, but most moms have no choice but to take the kids along. The only thing we can do is keep them entertained -- and that's not always easy!

Here are 8 fun ways to keep the littles occupied while you get stuff done this spring. Good luck!


1. Books. Even though they can't read, what kid doesn't love a good book? Pack your child's favorite book along when you're out and about -- but don't tell them. When they start to get fidgety, present it to them as if it's a surprise.

2. New toys. When you have a serious day of errands ahead of you, you need to bring out the big guns: New toys. But there's an art to this. Just when your child feels like they can't handle another minute of errands, give them their new toy and you should get another solid half-hour out of them. Hey, it's something.

3. Have them pick flowers. One of the greatest things about the weather warming up is the fact that the kids can play outside. Make a game of your errand day, asking your kids to find flowers, leaves, and grass when you're outside. When you get indoors, let them play with their new treasures.  

4. Sidewalk chalk. Try bringing along a Ziplock bag full of sidewalk chalk when running errands. Allow kids to draw when you get to each destination.

5. Snacks. Make a "special" snack with your kids before heading out for the day. Even if it's just mixing fruit or nuts in a bag, they'll enjoy eating something "they" made.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Teach them how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors the day before a big day of errands. It will keep them occupied in the car.

7. Let them make their own t-shirt. Craft stores sell plain white t-shirts and fabric crayons for really cheap. Let the kids make their shirts the night before and wear them the next day -- or better yet, allow them to draw in the car. Drawing on a t-shirt? What's more fun than that?!

8. I Spy. Play I Spy with the kids while running errands. They'll actually enjoy heading into the store with you if they get to play a game. And it's fun to play outdoors, too!

How do you keep your kids occupied while running errands?


Image via CCK_mom/Flickr

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