Ian Ziering Welcomes Baby Daughter #2 on Daughter #1's Birthday

Ian Ziering baby tweet

Former '90210' star and up and coming Chippendales headliner Ian Ziering, 49, sent this touching tweet in the wee hours last night, as he basked in his new-dad-again glory and longed to share his girls with his late parents. Awww. Ziering and his wife Erin Ludwig welcomed their second daughter on April 25, and clearly Dad Ian is full of pride and love.

And here's the coolest part! Their new baby girl arrived on her older sister Mia Loren's second birthday. Yep, the two sisters share a birthday! How sweet is that?


Little Penna Mae Ziering arrived at 9:21am and weighed at 6 lbs., 9 oz. Penna's named for Ian’s late dad, Paul, and after her mom Erin, too. Mae is Erin's middle name, one passed down through four generations of women in her family. 

As for celebrating the second April 25th birthday in a row, Ziering says, “We didn’t plan it! Mia was born a week late and Penna was a week early." Sounds like big sister is thrilled with her birthday present, too. "When she saw Penna she said, ‘Baby sister!’”

What a special thing -- sharing your birthday with your sister! Well, that is until they each turn 5 and they become totally pissed about having to share anything with anyone. LOL. Of course, I think, more often than not, it'll always be a really cool thing for them to share their special day.

Congratulations to Ian and Erin and Happy Birthdays to Mia and Penna!

Do you or your kids share their birthday with any family members?


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