Adorable 'Baby Mugging' Photo Trend Is a Cup of Good Cheer

baby muggingOkay, there are three things I love about the "baby mugging" photo trend started by Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts. One is, of course, the clever play on words. Babies mugging for the camera? Oh ho HO. The second is the fact that it combines two things that go together so naturally: small energy-draining children, and cups of caffeinated beverages. The third is that the easy-to-achieve results are RIDICULOUSLY DELIGHTFUL.

Here's the idea: you position your child behind a mug so it appears she or he is inside the cup. Take a photo. Tag the resulting image with #babeinamug if you want to share it with the other mug-wedged babies on Instagram, or just enjoy your supercute cup o' kid.

Check out some of the best examples of this latest photo fad:


Courtesy of Mommy Shorts/Instagram

Courtesy of Kim Rosas

Courtesy of Carol Rain Hagy

Via Know Your Meme

Via Know Your Meme

Via Know Your Meme

Blogger Ilana Wiles started the trend when she posted her original baby mug photo to Instagram as a submission for a daily photography challenge. The image accrued more than 420 likes and 34 comments within 10 days, and Wiles' followers began sharing their own photos on Instagram and Twitter with the tags #babymugging and #babeinamug.

Unbelievably, Wiles has actually received some backlash about the popularity of the images (oh, INTERNET, is there anything you won't complain about?), but she has a great attitude about it:

To the haters, joke's on you because I won't stop until every baby on earth is photographed in drinkable form.

Finally, you know I had to give baby mugging it a try for myself -- although this one hasn't been a baby for a few years now:

Have you heard of "baby mugging"? 

Images via Kim Rosas, Carol Rain Hagy, Mommy Shorts, Know Your Meme, Linda Sharps

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