Postman Delivers Mail -- Into Baby's Mouth (VIDEO)

There's nothing like a baby getting hurt to give you the giggles, amiright? Wait, did I just say that? What I meant was, as long as the baby doesn't REALLY get hurt, but just looks like he got hurt a little bit, and -- aw, crap. I don't know how to explain myself here. There is simply nothing funny about a baby getting shoved in the mouth by a buttload of mail and falling down and bursting into tears. EXCEPT. When it's hysterical. Yes, okay, so I'm going to hell.


This baby, who is probably in the midlands of England if his mother's accent is any indication, appears to be waiting patiently for a letter to arrive. And it sounds like mummy knows the postman is on his way because, for starters, she's videotaping the kid by the letterbox. She also says something about "Daddy's letter."

The kid is standing on what looks like a toy firetruck and clinging unsteadily to the doorknob, so the situation is already a bit precarious. But it suddenly becomes very precarious when the mail arrives -- and the mailman (presumably) has no idea that the tyke is behind the door. Unless he just doesn't like kids. I mean really doesn't like kids.

Take a look and then we'll shame ourselves for laughing:

Well, did ya laugh? Did ya, punk? Did you smile? Admit it! Maybe I'm just a horrible person. The way those letters go practically all the way down the kid's throat -- bwa! I mean, horrible. Horrible. Poor kid.

Imagine if this experience gives him a lifelong phobia? The MAIL!!! Envelopes!! Letters!!! Paper!!! I can still taste the stamps!! AHHHHH!!!

Did you think this was funny or evil?


Image via YouTube

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