27 Babies & Their Dads Meet for the First Time When Troops Return From Afghanistan

handsIt's always so moving whenever we hear stories of the brave members of our military coming home and reuniting with their loved ones. But after hearing about 25 dads who met their 27 babies for the very first time after returning from Afghanistan, it's hard not to feel your heart overflowing with joy.

The men arrived at the Utah Air National Guard base yesterday to a crowd of family and friends who were cheering them on. And while coming home was an emotional moment for all of the troops, the 25 dads who finally got to meet their babies who were born while they were away had additional cause for celebration.


Ok, you probably think I'm really bad at math or something, considering there were 25 dads and 27 babies. As it turns out, two of the men's wives had twins, hence the two extra little ones in the group.

And of the dads involved, 15 of them are first-time fathers, so you can only imagine how incredible it must have been for them to see their children for the very first time.

But as tough as it had to be for these families to be apart when their new babies entered the world, the fact that there were so many of them in the group who were going through the same thing had to serve as a source of comfort. Can you even imagine the sense of anticipation on that plane as it landed? I'm sure they talked about their babies and how much they couldn't wait to meet them throughout the entire flight.

And the experience must have been just as emotional for the awaiting moms as well. I'm sure they all got just as much pride out of seeing all the other babies meet their dads for the first time as they did with their own little ones. Having a baby bonds moms together as it is, but sharing that once-in-a-lifetime moment is something that will surely connect these women for the rest of their lives.

Do you remember your husband's reaction upon seeing your baby for the first time?


Image via zeevveez/Flickr

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