Baby #2 Never Has It as Good as Baby #1

bugaboo strollerA new survey conducted the U.K. shows that moms spend less on second babies, not that any of us should be all that surprised. To narrow in on things a bit, the survey found that one fifth of moms reported spending about £200 (about $300) less on baby number two than they did on their first child.

And I'm sure you can appreciate why babies who aren't the first in their families wind up with secondhand stuff.

I mean, it seems pretty stupid to shell out a ton of cash on brand new items when you already have plenty of clothes and baby gear that can be reused when another little one comes along. And yes, that's one of the reasons why moms who were surveyed report spending less dough.


In addition, moms who have already had a baby are "more realistic" about what a second child does and does not need -- which also leads to them going the less expensive route.

And I get it. I really do. Especially if baby number one and baby number two are relatively close in age.

But as the mom of a 7-year-old, if I ever were to have another child -- I think I'd feel guilty giving him or her the shaft and not spending quite as much as I did on my son.

Yes, I realize that sounds pretty materialistic and slightly crazy. Let me explain.

First of all, any of the baby gear I have left is a bit outdated, so for safety reasons, I'd feel much more comfortable splurging on new car seats, strollers, and the like -- simply because I'd want my second to have the new and improved stuff on the market.

Also, for some reason, I think I'd feel like I was treating my second baby unfairly if I didn't feel the need to purchase him or her the same things my son had -- as nuts as that may sound. It would make me feel like I was playing favorites or something. Of course, the baby stuff that's out there now is much more expensive than it was seven years ago, so maybe if another baby really did enter the picture, I'd have a change of heart. Or not.

Huh. On that note, I'd say it's probably a good thing that I don't plan on having any more kids. My wallet can't handle another one.

Do you think you'll spend less on baby number two?


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