Take Your Child to Work Day: 10 Things Your Kids Are REALLY Thinking

take your kid to workHere's the progression of pretty much every Take Your Child to Work Day:

1. Wake up brimming with excitement to see the magical things you or your spouse does.

2. Watch the magic happen for like 10 minutes, when they realize your job is boring as shit and they vow to NEVER grow up -- and if they must, they will do something exciting like race cars or be famous. (*If you're already famous, they'll think your job sucks too and vow to be something totally amazing like the check-out person at the grocery store who gets to swipe things over the cool scanner.)

3. Spin in your office chair for 30-60 minutes because that's awesome and clearly the real magic of your job. They will then question why you don't spend more time spinning and make a mental note that you'd probably do better in your job if you spun more.


4. Play with a phone, tablet, computer, copy machine, calculator, or anything that's shiny and has buttons (this will happen regardless of age).

5. Periodically look at the clock to determine what they would be doing at that very moment if they were unlucky enough to be at school.

6. You'll look at the clock periodically as well, to determine what you would be accomplishing at that very moment if your kids were lucky enough to be at school.

7. Whether they're busy or not, they will let you know how monumentally bored they are. This will be verbalized about every 10 minutes until you decide to go to lunch at 10:30 a.m.

8. If other people's kids are present, the rest of your day will include ball playing, running, or a game of tag through the establishment, a raucous round of trashcan basketball, and made-up scenarios where they are the employees interviewing each other for jobs.

Note: If there are no other kids present, the above may still happen. Also, your child/children will continue to spin on chairs and play with shiny things while you pretend to be busy and seem like your job is more glamorous than it really is. P.S. - That would be a good time for you to pull a fire alarm to add some excitement to the day (and shave off an hour or two).

9. You will leave work as early as possible and call the day a bust, thankful that this is a once a year occurrence.

10. Despite any complaints, kids will be sad they have to go and will want to know how soon they can do it again.


Image via Someecards.com/JennyFromTheBlog

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