6 Reasons Spring Is the Best Season for Family Fun

little boyAhhhh ... spring is finally here -- and as a mom who lives in the northeast, I'd like to put an extra emphasis on FINALLY.

It's been one heck of a winter, to say the least, and after being cooped up inside the house for what seems like an eternity, getting outside for a breath of fresh air is, well -- a breath of fresh air.

And even though spring is always a welcome season no matter how old your kids are, moms of toddlers are even more ready and willing to embrace it. Because, you know -- trying to keep a little kid entertained inside the confines of your house on a daily basis gets really old, really fast.


Ok, so I know spring isn't the only time of the year we can get outside, but it's definitely the best for sure.

Here are six reasons why spring is the perfect season to have fun with your family.

  1. Ideal temperatures -- It's not too hot, it's not too cold. The kids can run around to their heart's content without getting all sweaty and dehydrated.
  2. No more jackets -- Can I get an Amen for not having to deal with the horrid combination of jackets and car seat straps anymore? (That's the worst.)
  3. Fun sights and sounds -- Is there anything better than heading out the door and hearing the birds chirp, watching squirrels run by, and seeing your little ones squeal with delight upon spotting them? Nope.
  4. Daily trips to the park -- On any given spring day, there's really no better place to hang out with a toddler than the playground. They get to let off some steam, play with other kids, and since the weather is nice (see number one), you don't have to worry about the equipment being too hot for them to touch.
  5. Learning experiences -- Now that the snow has melted, you gotta get the yard and garden back in order. Kids love to feel like they're helping out mommy, so you can turn any outdoor project into an educational experience -- even though they'll only see it as fun.
  6. Fresh air is great for sleep -- For whatever reason, the kiddos sleep so much better after they've had a good dose of fresh air. Even something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller is guaranteed to give your child (and you) a few extra z's at night. (Winning.)

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids in spring?


Image via Mary Fischer

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