8 Mommy Milestones Parents Hit During Baby’s First Year

baby dollBaby milestones are all the rage the first year of your child's life. By the time your little one's first birthday rolls around, you likely have a list -- both mental and physical -- of all the momentous things he or she has done. Eating solids? Check! Sitting up? Check! Crawling? Check! Walking? Eh, maybe.

But milestones aren't just for babies. Moms hit milestones, too. Mama milestones. You just weren't keeping track because you were too busy taking pictures of your baby.


1. You're sleeping through the night now! Hopefully! Maybe it happened when your baby was 4 months; maybe it happened at 10! But regardless, you, Mama, are likely sleeping through the night now. That's something to celebrate.

2. You no longer check to see if baby's breathing. (Most of the time.) Do you remember when you first looked at your baby and thought about how she was sleeping instead of possibly not breathing? Yay, you! Big girl!

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3. You no longer sterilize your entire body -- and have others sterilize their entire bodies -- before touching your baby. Baby will survive a germ or two.

4. You no longer stay up the night before packing a diaper bag to go out for an hour. In fact, you probably just throw a diaper in your purse.

5. You no longer freak out every time baby puts something in her mouth. Babies put crap in their mouth. Eh, what are you gonna do?

6. You no longer call the doctor when your baby sneezes. You know you'll know when something's wrong now.

7. You no longer wonder when your baby is going to meet certain milestones. Because you know she will eventually.

8. You no longer wonder if your baby is happy. Because you know she is.

What "milestones" did you meet during your first year of parenthood?

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