5 Things We Do to Make Our Kids Think They're Magic (VIDEO)

magic boyOne thing I miss about having toddlers: The world is truly a magical place in their eyes. Watching our kids gradually replace the assumption that anything is possible with boring old logic and reason is kind of sad, quite frankly. So we do everything we can to prolong those years of magical thinking, like the trick little Quentin's dad is playing in this video. It's not a mean trick or anything -- he's just somehow led his son to believe that he can turn the electric fireplace on and off by waving his arm and saying "Fire, ON!" "Fire, OFF!"

It's freaking adorable. Look, someday he'll figure out how the fireplace really works. So what if he grows up thinking he has secret Gandalf-ian powers? You shall not pass!!

Here are a few things we like to do to make our kids think they're magic (because they are, after all).


1. Teach them that saying "Abracadabra!" will make automatic doors open.

2. Tell them to "blow out the light" at traffic lights so they turn from red to green.

3. Tell her to blink her eyes (I Dream of Jeannie-style) to make her favorite song start playing.

4. Before putting the car window down or up, remind him to say "Open!" or "Close!"

5. Tell her to wiggle her nose (Bewitched-style) to make the sprinklers turn on in the summertime.

Check out Quentin having his wizard moment with the fireplace:

Too cute!

What are some things you like to do to make your kids think they're magic?

Image via pjtwhite1/YouTube

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