5 Ways Moms Can Tell It's Spring (Before Anyone Else Can)

Julie Ryan Evans | Apr 22, 2013 Being a Mom

girl jumping in puddleIt was a long winter, huh, moms? With the cold weather, runny noses, cooped-up kids, and whatnot, it felt like it dragged on and on, and spring has never been so welcome. Maybe it's like that every year, but this year, it feels particularly sweet.

You can feel it in the air, see it in the flowers, and sense it in the cheerful moods of people everywhere. For moms, however, there are some particular things that spring brings -- unmistakable signs of the season that come with children. Most of them are welcome.

  • Parks


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    The swings, the sun, the ability to send them out and let them run and yell without walls to contain them -- pure bliss.

  • Back on the Field


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    Whether soccer, baseball, track, or tennis, sports are in full swing this time of year. That means early Saturday mornings, finding cleats, washing uniforms, and the thrill of watching your kids play.

  • Open Windows


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    From the sound of children's voices playing outside to the fresh air wafting through the house and muffling their squabbling, there's something about opening the windows that makes everything better.

  • Puddles


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    They're everywhere this time of year, and I don't know a kid who can resist jumping in them. They're the primary reason you don't see many moms in white pants ... or at least clean ones.

  • Mud


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    Hands down the number one sign of spring for moms. From floors to clothes to the inside of their noses, we find it everywhere.

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