5 (Questionable) Ways to Capture Pictures of Your Kids

I posted this picture on Facebook over the weekend. It was met with countless "how did you manage to capture all three of them?" and "that's a miracle!" responses.

Yes, folks, after five years of unsuccessfully attempting to capture all three of my kids in the same frame, I've finally discovered the secret behind it. Well, five of them. And it's your lucky day, because I'm sharing ...


1. Use potty talk. Now, I don't encourage potty talk from my children, but nothing gets them laughing like poop words. Phrases like “fart, fart, doody, doody, poop in your face!” and “diiiiiii-a-reeeee-haaaa!” have them in hysterics, and hysterics always lead to great pictures. Just make sure they understand the notion of doing as you say, and not as you ... do(do).

2. Let them wear whatever the hell they want. If you look closely at the above picture, you'll see that Ben is wearing the PJs he slept in the night before and Lily is wearing leggings that require sunglasses should you stare straight at them. But the fact that they weren't wearing matchy-matchy outfits they hate made them that much more likely to smile.

3. Be wiling to look like an idiot. I'm willing to do just about anything to get my kids laughing. Once they're over the potty talk, I've been known to stomp around like a gorilla or dance like a complete moron in public. Embarrassing, yes. Worth it? Big time. 

4. Bribe them. I know, I know, not the best parenting ever, but I'd say 100 great shots deserve some chocolate ice cream, wouldn't you? I, for one, have always worked up an appetite.

5. Lie. Just three more, I promise, snapping away 10 shots as I count slowly from one to two. When I get to three, I'll often pretend that the camera wasn't working and need to get just one (well, 10) more. 

Admirable suggestions? Maybe not, but they will get you some great shots; I can pretty much guarantee it. And, someday, when they're looking at all of their great childhood pictures, they'll appreciate your efforts. Or just laugh at what a weirdo you were.


Image via Scary Mommy

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