Must-See: Toddler Has HAD IT With Her Meddling Dad (VIDEO)

toddler in car seatFor a week that's been filled with a lot of sadness, here's a perfect dose of adorableness. Coming from the mouth of a sassy tween or teen, it wouldn't be as sweet, but since the source is a cute-as-can be toddler, it's hilarious.

In it a dad identified as Ryan Hunley by Viral Viral Videos is trying to help his daughter, August, who seems to be struggling to strap herself into the car seat. "Want me to help you?" he asks. She does NOT want his help and gives him a stern directive, "Worry about yourself!"

She will not be deterred from this mantra either as she repeatedly declines assistance. "No thank you. Worry about yourself," she says, telling him he should just drive instead. Check her out after the jump.


I love when the dad can't help but busting out laughing. You know this is something the girl has been told by her parents more than once, and here's her opportunity to use it back on them.

I'm always stunned when I hear my words and phrases come out of my children's mouths. It shouldn't be surprising, as they're little sponges, but it always takes me aback.

I'll never forget when my daughter was 2, and she handed me a dirty, used Kleenex. "Thanks," I told her. "Are you being sarcastic?" she shot back (I was). It was something she'd heard me say to her older brother and father, and darn if she didn't know how to use it too. I only wish I had captured that on film. 

Which of your words or phrases have your kids thrown back at you?

Image via YouTube

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