The Thank-You Notes You Wish Your Kid Would Write

thank you mom

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Being a mom can sometimes be a thankless job. Sure, we’re rewarded for our efforts in the form of sweet smiles, sloppy kisses, and painfully adorable stick-figure drawings, but wouldn’t it be nice to get some actual written acknowledgment from time to time? Here’s what they’d probably write:


Dear Mom,

Thank you for ...

• Trying to catch my puke with your hands that time I got carsick.

• Making plain buttered noodles for me for two weeks straight when I refused to eat anything else.

• Laughing instead of screaming when you saw that crayon masterpiece on the wall.

• Always finding the other shoe.

• Pretending to be a superhero.

• Actually BEING a superhero.

• Letting me watch the same TV show over and over and over and over again.

• Snuggling with me in your bed when I was too scared to sleep in mine.

• Letting me spit my chewed-up food into your hand when I didn't like the way it tasted.

• Not cleaning up the car “racetrack” I made on the living room floor (even though you tripped over it on your way to bed).

• Serving ice cream for dinner at least once every summer.

• Indulging me when I asked you to let me wear your lipstick and/or high heels.

• Leaving the light on in the hallway at night.

• Scooping my poop out of the tub with your bare hands.

• Cutting my grilled cheese into triangles and cutting off the crusts.

• Helping me wash my hands after I went “exploring” in the trash can.

• Not getting mad when I wiped my nose on your sleeve AFTER you handed me a tissue.

• Telling me you love me every single chance you get.

What would YOU add to this list?

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