5 Things I Miss Most When I'm Away From My Kids

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Last week, I spent four days away from my children promoting my new book in NYC. I had a bed all to myself, a bathroom door that remained shut when I closed it, and didn't have to make one lunch or Band-Aid one boo-boo the whole time. In other words, for four days, I wasn't much of a mom. The trip was exciting and thrilling and fun, but the best moment of all was the one when I walked back through the door into the arms of three kids, who were just as happy to see me as I was them.

So, in honor of that moment, I'm skipping the snark and focusing on the things I missed most when I was away from my kids; surprisingly, they are some of the things I tire of most easily when I'm home non-stop ...


1. Having them hang all over me. Turns out, when they're not using me as a jungle gym, I really miss it. Especially the fierce hugs.

2. The bedtime routine. I can't say I missed reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (AGAIN!) particularly, but I did miss the bedtime kisses and sweet sleepy eyes. A lot. 

3. Hearing them talk. Often it seems like my kids never shut up: About want they want, what they're thinking, who pissed them off, anything that crosses their minds. At home, there is never a moment of just plain QUIET. Turns out, quiet is awfully boring.

4. Bath time. There is usually little that annoys me more than giving my kids baths; I end up soaking wet, they end up with soap in their eyes, and the last thing any of us feels is relaxed. Except when I've been away and I want to inhale them. In that case, a delicious-smelling kid is worth the bath.

5. Hearing the word "mommy." When I hear it incessantly, it can become the most irritating word on earth. But when I've missed it, hearing the sound again can be music to my ears.

At least for a little while.

Moral of the story? All moms deserve a few days off from motherhood to be reminded of how awesome our kids really are. 


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