Mamalingo: Words All Parents Wish Were in the Dictionary

baby mouthAs a parent, do you ever find yourself at a loss for words? I mean, not because your baby just erupted like an upside-down volcano and a deadly stream of poo lava is running all down his leg and into your handbag and you're trying not to respond with a stream of obscenities. I mean, do you ever feel like you need a specialized word to describe a parenting experience?

Blogger Melissa Sher often found herself reaching for those special parenting words, so she created a blog: Mammalingo. And she made up a whole slew of words just about any parent would find useful. Here's a few.


Troublewaker: Someone who wakes your baby by ringing the doorbell or calling your phone when they could have just sent an email or a text.

Poopversation: A conversation about, well, you know. Poop.

Pregcrumb: When you inadvertently drop a hint that you may be pregnant. What we obsessively waited for Kate Middleton to drop for, like, ever.

Accoutretot: That younger sibling you tote around to all her older sibling's games and lessons.

I think I need to make up a few of my own.

Fauxsleep: (Faux + asleep) When your baby appears to be asleep, but will wake immediately upon being placed inside the crib.

Ennuwhine: (Ennui + whine) When your child is half-heartedly crying out of a vague sense of slightly fatigued boredom. 

Snotsist: (Snot + resist) When you must resist the urge to wipe away the gooey snot from a stranger's child's face at the playground.

Parkanoia: (Park + paranoia) Going out of your way to avoid walking past a park or playground because you cannot bear the idea of another afternoon spent pushing a swing for the 415th day in a row.

Kisschmear: (Kiss + smear) That special kiss your toddler gives you when their mouth is smeared with food.

What Mammalingo words would you add?


Image via Chris_Parfitt/Flickr

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