Best Dad Ever Builds 'Spaceship' for His 1-Year-Old Son

spaceship simulatorRemember that refrigerator box you used to play airplane? You drew your little controls on the insides, and colored the wings in crayon on the outside. What an adventure. Well ... someone did that, only they made a spaceship. And he didn't use crayons or a refrigerator box. And it's way, way more amazing than you could even imagine.

Daniel Sherrouse created a spaceship simulator for his 1-year-old son, Noah. He planned it while Noah was still just a little kicker in his mother's belly. Let's just say, it's the kind of toy you grow into.


I wanted him grow up with something that would give him lifelong inspiration. That is why I built it while he was very young. I want him to grow into it and learn and explore as he goes. I will be upgrading the spaceship as he grows up. No matter what career path he chooses I will be proud of him.

He's going to upgrade the spaceship? It's already beyond BEYOND beyond. It's got real seats, monitors, earphones, keyboards, windows, a computer game, gauges, speakers, dial thingies -- it's awfully realistic already. What else could you possibly add? (LOTS! Says every spaceship-crazy parent out there.)

Sherrouse posted photos of the kid-sized space simulator on Reddit and was immediately crowned Father of the Year. It looks like a true labor of love that his son will enjoy for, well, eons. I bet as Sherrouse's son gets older, he'll actually take an active part in planning and executing those upgrades -- which will be loads of excellent father-and-son bonding time.

OK. Now. Having said all that, can we examine what Dad said about this whole project? "I hope that it inspires him to have a life-long love of science and wonder." Yeah, yeah, yeah. C'mon, Sherrouse. You kind of also built this for yourself. Ha! Still, it's pretty dang awesome. See more photos of the spaceship simulator via Imgur.

How old do you think Noah will be before he realizes how amazing this thing is?


Image via Imgur

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