10 Ways Babies Are Easier Than Toddlers

nicole fabian-weberWith my daughter's first birthday rapidly approaching (sniff), I've come to realize many things. One being that babies are much, much easier than toddlers. I was warned by many, and although nothing quite compares to the baffling first few weeks of parenthood, a tiny baby who gets up once or twice in the middle of the night is easier (most of the time) than a toddler who's constantly on the go!

Here are 10 ways babies are easier than toddlers. Like, way.


1. Babies just lay there. You can leave your baby alone on the floor on that cozy little mat and go to the bathroom if you like. Or even on the bed! A toddler? Ha! Unless you shut them in a room with literally nothing, you best just take them in the bathroom with you.

2. Babies are light. Carrying my 4-month-old in the Baby Bjorn? Cake. Carrying my 11 1/2-month-old in the Baby Bjorn? I think I may need to see a chiropractor at some point in the near future.

3. Teething. I know this is different for everyone, but it seems like the older my daughter gets, the worse the teething is.

4. Toddlers throw tantrums. Remember when you took something away from your baby that they weren't supposed to have and they just kind of stared? Try doing that with a toddler.

5. No need to babyproof. Everything needs babyproofing. Everything. And can we all just agree that those foam corners for coffee tables are ugly.

6. Babies don't need much when you go out. The first few weeks of my daughter's life, I barely needed anything when we went out. But the older they get, the more they need. Food, toys, you name it. Oh, and note: Don't ever leave home without Puffs.

7. For every pound your baby gains, the car seat feels like it weighs a zillion pounds more. Truth.

8. Babies don't really know what's going on. If you accidentally drop an F-bomb around your baby, ah, it's all right. What do they know? But the older they get, the more they repeat, so yeah. Best watch the cussing.

9. Babies sleep through a lot. When my daughter was a newborn, she slept through vacuum cleaners, dogs barking, no joke -- a full-on fireworks display in the backyard. Now? Ha! In other news, I seriously need to train my dog.

10. Babies sleep a lot, period. And seriously -- what's easier than that?

That said, though. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Do you feel like babies are easier than toddlers?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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