Adorable 3-Year-Old Delivers Classic Movie Lines Better Than Any Star (VIDEO)

annie spohr greatest movie linesThree-year-old Annie Spohr's parents -- bloggers Heather and Mike who write The Spohrs Are Multiplying -- must be proud film geeks. Because their little girl knows the greatest movie lines of all time, according to American Film Institute. And not only does she know them, but she knows how to deliver them with as much or even more enthusiasm than the original actors who made 'em famous! No joke -- watching little Annie offer up her take on "There's no crying in baseball!" and "Heeeere's Johnny!" among others has already made my week. 

Check it out ...



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There's the proof, people! "Nicholson, Hanks, Dunaway, Cruise, and De Niro have nothing on our budding actress," as her mom and dad put it. Awww! Well, hey, if you're gonna "start 'em young" with something, why not start with quoting the greatest flicks of all time? Pfft, actually, she's doing more than quoting. She's ACTING! Little Annie's undeniably a star in training. And such an adorable, charismatic one, I can't wait to see what she delivers next.

How cute is this? What's your favorite classic movie line?


Image via thespohrs/YouTube

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