2-Year-Old Girl Vs. Water Fountain -- Adorableness Wins (VIDEO)

girl at drinking fountainWater fountains can be tricky things when you're 2 years old. Just ask Lyla, the little girl in this, the cutest video you've probably seen in a long time.

She's a persistent one. She pushes the button, and the water comes out, just like it's supposed to. Only when she leans forward to get a drink, that darn water just disappears. Over and over she tries with no luck.

Finally, she says in the sweetest little voice you've ever heard, "Will you help me daddy?" Watch after the jump for your daily dose of adorable.


Presumably he put down his camera and helped Lyla quench her thirst, but I don't blame him for not intervening sooner. That was just too cute.

I love watching kids try to figure out how the world works. Things that seem so mundane to us are fascinating and challenging to them. One of my favorite memories of my son as a toddler was watching him discover his shadow. He just couldn't believe that such a cool thing was really in his control. Seeing children learn and conquer these simple tasks reminds us just how much they have to learn in life and all of the amazing discoveries that lie before them.

What everyday things have fascinated or challenged your kids?


Image via YouTube

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