Clever Little Girl Finds Way to Outsmart Shape-Sorting Game (VIDEO)

toddler shapesMost of you are probably way, way too young to remember the TV show Square Pegs (featuring Sarah Jessica Parker in her pre-pre-pre-Carrie Bradshaw days), but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this clever toddler's shape-sorting shortcut. See, the title of the show was, of course, based on the saying "You can't fit a square peg into a round hole" (Parker played a not-so-popular high school student) and the whole point was how square pegs shouldn't try to fit into round holes because there ARE square holes (work with me here) where they WILL fit in, but most people still spend their entire lives trying to squeeze into the wrong shape. 

Except I don't think this kid will turn out to be one of those people. Granted, her way of, um, "playing" this shape-sorting game isn't exactly the way it was intended to be played ...


But there's no question her way works! Watch:

How cute is that?! It's like you can hear her internal dialogue: Why would anybody waste time finding the right shape when you can just take the top off the stinking box?! And I love her dad's commentary: "Good ... job?" All parents can relate to that moment: Your kid figures out how to win without playing by the rules. Hmmm. Do you correct her and insist she learn the "right" way? Or do you praise her for being one step ahead of everybody else? I guess it depends on the situation, but in this case? You go, tiny girl.

Have you ever seen your kid outsmart a toy or game?


Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

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