The 7 Scariest Moments in Every Parent's Life

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can go through. It's impossible to even put into words what it's like bringing a little bundle of mess, er, joy into this world and watching them grow up.

Along with the rewarding part, however, comes fear. Kids aren't the only ones to get scared, you know. Since the little buggers don't come with any sort of instruction manual, there's a lot of trial and error. Hopefully, there's a lot more trial and success.

Fear is only natural when you're dealing with your most precious "possessions." Fear of losing them temporarily or forever just comes with the territory. But there are a lot of very specific moments in a child's life that can scare the bejeezus out of any parent. And I'm not just talking about doctor bills. So let's take a look at 7 of the Scariest Moments in a Parent's Life.


Undergoing surgery - No matter the reason, having your child undergo surgery is frightening. Heck, even super minor surgery is scary if anesthesia is involved. The scariest part? That insanely long wait between the moment your child enters the operating room and the second the doctor walks out.

Gone in 5 seconds - You're at the mall on a Saturday night and the place is hopping! Little Freddie's been fairly good while you search through pair after pair of sunglasses. You try one more pair on and go peek at yourself in the mirror for all of 5 seconds. When you turn back, Freddie's gone. Even if you find him 2 seconds later, that initial "OMG WHERE IS HE?" reaction is certainly heart skipping.

School shootings - The day of the Newtown shootings, my heart was racing the entire drive home on my commute. It didn't actually slow down a bit until my kids finally came home from school and were wrapped in my arms. Even when a horrific act like this happens halfway across the country, it signals instant fear that it could be happening that very second at your children's school.

School Absence - It's always reassuring when your kids' school calls in the morning to report your child being absent. If they're home sick with you, bundled up on the couch watching cartoons, well, it's good to know that they're missed. But uh, what happens when the school calls to report an absence and your child's not at home? You sent him to school this morning, so where is he?!? Hopefully, it's just a technical error from the school, which unfortunately does happen.

Choking - From hotdogs to soft pretzels, a major fear of many parents is having their child choke. Their windpipes are pretty small and they're always running, talking and eating at the same time. It's the perfect formula for choking, actually. So the second your kid stops talking and starts coughing loudly, your first thought is, "He's choking!"

High Fever - Running a temperature is one thing, but once the numbers start hitting 103 and up, you tend to get a little worried. When it's 105, you're really getting concerned. And if it hits 106, that's when things are really scary. That complete feeling of helplessness as nothing seems to bring your child's temperature down.

Home alone for the first time - In the hospital after your baby is born, you're surrounded by family, friends and most of all, nurses and doctors. But once you're cleared to head home with your li'l rugrat, things massively change. Whether you have family stay with you for hours or days, that one moment where you and your spouse are home alone with your newborn, and you realize that you're alone with him or her... yeah, that's a bit eye opening. Scary? Yes. But at least it's a good scary.

What's the scariest moment you've had as a parent? 

Photo via William Mewes/Flickr

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