Parents Who Find 'Future Bride' Baby Onesie Offensive Really Need to Lighten Up (PHOTO)

future bride onesieOh, for crying out loud. Why do some people have to go and make an issue out of anything and everything? This baby onesie with "Future Bride" written on the front has some parents all bent out of shape -- because they think calling their baby girl a bride is offensive.

You know, because dressing her in it is like putting some sort of stamp on her saying she's expected to be somebody's wife one day -- and nothing else (or something centered around that general theme).

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Your daughter isn't simply someone's future spouse, and she will have plenty of hopes, dreams, and goals -- and they'll certainly go beyond wearing a white dress to exchange marriage vows followed by a fancy party afterwards.


But come on -- am I really the only one out there who thinks this onesie is actually pretty darn cute? It's white. It's sparkly. And even though I don't have a little girl, I wouldn't hesitate for one second to dress her in it if I did. And no, I don't believe there is anything remotely offensive about it.

Um, is it really all that hard to believe that there are parents out there who dream about the day their baby girl walks down the aisle? It's totally natural to think about your daughter's wedding day, even from the moment she's born. It's a beautiful day that celebrates a huge milestone in her life, so what's the harm in getting a little excited about it when she's a baby?

It's not like what you dress her in when she's an infant will have any sort of impact on who she becomes later in life anyway, so what's the big deal?

Lighten up already, people. There are much better things to freak out over than a baby onesie.

Oh, and one more thing -- there must be more than a few moms and dads who agree with me, because the darn thing is currently sold out on Zulily. (Again, it's a onesie. Relax.)

Would you dress your baby girl in this onesie, or do you find it offensive?


Image via Zulily

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