Brilliant 2-Year-Old Caught on Film Stealing Sister's Stuff (VIDEO)

bedtime banditForget "terrible." This 2-year-old is tricky, and by "tricky," I mean "future evil genius material." Scratch that, he's already an evil genius. Not only has this toddler figured out how to slip into his sister's room in the still of the night and steal her stuff undetected, he breaks into her room by picking the lock -- with a pair of nail clippers -- in the dark!! Luckily (for us, because it's hilarious), his parents set up a video camera to catch him in the act. And posted the results on YouTube, with the following explanation: "This is what our 2 yr old does at night. He picks the lock to his sister's room and takes her stuff ... We caught it on video."


Oh my god, you simply cannot waste another moment of your life existing without having watched this:

RIGHT?! Are you dying? I love, love, LOVE how he hides the nail clippers before doing anything else. I just can't believe he figured out how to pick the lock in the first place. Consider how much time and thought went into this operation! I can't help picturing this adorable little boy, lying in bed, all innocent and cherubic-looking ... plotting his dastardly deed all the while.

Meanwhile, good luck to his parents! Staying one step ahead of this kid is going to be virtually impossible. Good thing they have a sense of humor.

Can you imagine your kid pulling off a heist like this?


Image via Joann Moser/YouTube

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