Mom's Desperate Reminder to Clean the Bathroom Gets Her the 'Royal' Treatment


My oldest is still in middle school, so I haven't yet asked either of my kids to take on a chore as challenging as cleaning the bathroom. But if the amount of nagging required to convince them to clean their rooms is any indication ... yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up insofar as a sparkling clean shower goes. Anyway, the point is, I can only imagine how desperate the situation can get. So I had to laugh at the online pic of a note one mom taped to the bathroom door for her (presumably lazy-ish) teen:

"Please clean this bathroom tonight. Clean it like the Queen of England is visiting. Clean tonight. Baseboards/mop/tub. Please. Please."

But what REALLY made me laugh were the pictures of how that mom found her bathroom the next day ...


Not only was that bathroom clean, it was Queen of England clean. As in, a hand-drawn copy of the British flag attached to the mirror, an assortment of teas stacked on the sink ... a friendly note reading:

"Welcome to America! Enjoy your stay!"

And -- this is the BEST part -- the reading material thoughtfully placed on the back of the toilet: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Actually, wait -- that's not the best part. The best part is that the bathroom really was CLEAN. As a parent, it's worth thinking this one over: This mom could have just yelled through her kid's bedroom door for the umpteenth time about scrubbing the baseboards, but she didn't -- she tried a different tactic, attempted a little humor. And not only did she get some humor back, she got what she was asking for -- a clean bathroom! What a great reminder to think outside the parenting box.

How do you convince your teen to do chores?


Image via the_stir/Flickr

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