8 Signs You're Raising a Mama's Boy

momma's boyFor a mom who never had any brothers and generally surrounded herself with female friends, it can sometimes feel confounding to have a boy. I know my daughter. I know how she feels about things, how she will react. I know when things hurt her feelings and I know she is capable of so much more than any of us realize.

My son, on the other hand, well, he is more of a mystery. I adore my son. Don't get me wrong. But sometimes I worry I adore him a little too much. I regularly see things (like daredevil Mustang Wanted's terrifying photo series) that make me think: oh please God never let my son do that!

But am I worrying too much? (Don't answer that.) Am I raising a dreaded "mama's boy"? Oh lord. I think I am. Here are 8 signs you are raising your own little mama's boy. See below:

  1. Your son can't tie his own shoes. He's 15: OK, OK, so my son is only 4.5, but I STILL PUT HIS SHOES ON, PEOPLE (*hangs head in shame). I know I shouldn't. I know his big sister was doing it herself at his age. And yet ... and yet. I can't resist those big, brown eyes and baby voice: "Mama, can you help me?" Gets me every time. 
  2. Your son did everything late: Again, this is me. My kid came on his due date (his sister was early), stopped nursing at 3 (his sister was 1), walked at 18 months (why walk when you can be carried), and has generally taken an "I'll get there when I get there" approach to almost everything in life.
  3. He has the patience of a flea: My son is barely done saying the thing he wants when he starts screaming about it not being done. Not good.
  4. He still wants company in the bathroom. He's 15: Again, I am joking. My son isn't 15. But he sure doesn't have any interest in going it alone in the old bathroom. "I am scared," he tells me and I trot along behind him. Yeah. He has me right where he wants me.
  5. He refuses the pre-school drop-off line: Every other kid in his pre-k class trots off happily on their own after their parents drop them off. But not your boy! On no! He's there, whining, clutching your hand, dragging you into his cubby.
  6. He still wants to be carried everywhere. He's 15: Yep, this boy's feet never touch the ground. Whether he's still in a stroller in first grade or being carried with his feet practically hitting the ground, this is not a tough dude.
  7. He has no chores: You expect everyone else in the house to make their bed, but not little Tommy! He gets away with doing next to nothing. Watch out. You may never get him out of your house! When he is 27, playing in a "band," working a dead-end job, and living in your basement, don't say I didn't warn you!
  8. He's always right: When I was little, I used to hang out with my cousins. There were two girls and one boy and OH MY LORD, that boy could do no wrong. No matter what happened, it was always the fault of us crazy girls. Guess which kid never quite achieved full independence?

Hmmm ... I guess I better be careful with my own one, sweet boy!

Do you worry you are raising a mama's boy?


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