Mom Has Sweetest Reaction to Daughter's Surprise Pregnancy Announcement (VIDEO)

People get plenty creative these days when telling friends and relatives they're pregnant. From scavenger hunts to special cakes, it seems everyone wants to reveal the news in their own special way.

WetPaint recently posted a video of a couple surprising her parents with pregnancy news that's straight up amazing. Their method isn't flashy or incredibly unique -- they just give her mom a gift, then tell her that another one will be coming in November. But when her parents realize what that means, they erupt into pure, spontaneous joy. The mom's reaction in particular is so enthusiastic, it will make your day.


How sweet is that? The video was actually posted to YouTube several years back, but it's resurfaced again recently because it's just that great. I can only imagine what wonderful, loving grandparents they are now to this child who they were so excited about from day one.

When I was pregnant, we didn't do anything too creative to announce our news since we were cautious after miscarriages. But I still remember how excited we were to share the news, and how much better and more real it felt when we felt the love and excitement of those around us too. I only wish we'd been prepared enough to record the moment on video so we could watch it again.

How did you announce your pregnancy to family and friends?


Image via YouTube

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