That Negative Energy in Your House Is Ruining Your Kids’ Shot at a Happy Marriage Down the Road

weddingBecause you have nothing else to worry about, here's a fun study for ya. A new study out of UT Dallas has found that teens are more likely to have successful marriages if they grew up in a happy home. Now, before you're all duhhhhhh, here's why the study's interesting.

Usually researchers spend time learning about the effects negative households have on teens when they're older, but this one actually looks at the flip side. If there are long-term negative effects of divorce on adolescents, are there long-term positive effects of happy homes?


Two-hundred and eighty participants over a 17-year period yielded results that ...

... suggest that growing up in a family that resolves conflict through clear, warm and assertive communication may have benefits for adolescents' outcomes in later marital relationships.

There goes any shot I have at harmonious, marital bliss. But enough about me. Let's talk about you.

As if you weren't already worried about screwing your kids up, just go ahead and pile on this dollop of pressure -- if you're doing something wrong, not only will your children hate you forever, but they'll never have a happy marriage, either.

So if you're worried that splitting from your spouse may damage your kids, know that not splitting from your spouse may be just as harmful. That negative energy and those enormous pools of denial you've created avoiding divorce affect everyone in the home, and not in a good way. May be better for the family as a whole if you just pull the plug.

The researchers here believe that studying the positive influences of home life and how they affect future romantic relationships could help us learn how to better enhance those destined connections, something I think we'd all find useful.

What worries you most about your effect on your teens?


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