Soldier Surprises 1st Grade Daughter During School Story Time After Year-Long Deployment (VIDEO)

soldier and daughterTalk about a story she'll never forget. Madison Bonnichson was sitting with her first grade class during story time at Apollo Elementary School in Titusville, Florida, recently. They were all listening intently to a teacher read, when all of a sudden Madison saw some legs beside her. Her gaze followed them up, and there she saw her father, Sgt. Ryan Bonnichson, standing there in his uniform. It was the first time she'd seen him in a year.

She had no idea he was coming home. Her mother and teachers arranged the surprise, and it paid off well. "Daddy!" she said, when she realized who it was.


It doesn't get much sweeter than that. Though it's a bit bittersweet too, as he's only home from Korea for two weeks before he's deployed for another year. So there will be goodbyes again soon, but he says he's going to make the best of his time home.

He told

It's overwhelming. They're really the ones that suffer. I just do it day-to-day to make sure they're fine. It's a good feeling that we're home. It's not for a lot of time [at home], but it's better than no time."

Better, indeed.

What's the longest your children have ever been away from one of their parents?


Image via Florida Today


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